Corporate Quiz Results - HUL and TCS scale Mumbai peak

If there is a major peal that one has to scale before the Everest climb in the Himalayan journey of a Tata Crucible that testing peak would be the regional round at Mumbai. The prelim resulted in a wild that seemed like a regional final lineup in itself with former regional champions and even a former national champion losing out before the actual big battle began.

The six finalists were:


  • Tata Power: Siddhartha and Pankaj
  • Tata Capital: Govind Grewal and Preeti Shankar
  • Tata Teleservices: Vishwanathan and Sridhar
  • TCS: Suresh Kumar and Aniruddha Dutta
  • Tata Communications: Atulya and Jamshed Sukhadwala
  • TCS: Pravin Varma and Ankit Sisodia


  • IMRB: Ameya Samanth and Ashish Pandey
  • Questa Software: Manish Tandon and Amit Pandeya
  • Deutsche Bank: Rajeev Rai and Vibhendu Tewari
  • Sun Microsystems: Mitesh Agarwal and Amit Didolkar
  • Hindustan Unilever Limited: Pradeep and Dushyanth
  • Kotak Life: Prasad Shetty and Shambu Shankar

The Tata Track of the quiz seemed a repeat telecast of the previous years final as the young duo from Tata Capital took on the four time champion TCS yet again and in the first few rounds even stayed ahead of the rest. To add to the initial tensions, Tata Power also came into the fray as a tough contender but as the buzzers were deployed it was experience that prevailed over exuberance as team TCS with Suresh and Aniruddha paving their way into another national finale.

The external track of the quiz witnessed a powerful start as the quizmaster introduced the finalists and there were gasps of awe in the crowd as they found three former national champions and two former regional champions all on the same platform. The battle was tense and close but eventually went in favour of a very calculative and careful HUL team that played a crafty game of knowledge to make it the big stage while Questa Software inched past Deutsche Bank to finish runner up.


  • WINNER: TCS – Suresh Kumar and Aniruddha Dutta
  • RUNNER UP: Tata Capital – Govind Grewal and Preeti Shankar


    • WINNER: Hindustan Unilever Limited – Pradeep and Dushyanth
    • RUNNER UP: Questa Software – Manish Tandon and Amit Pandeya