Corporate Quiz Results - Govt. of Assam dominates

Govt. of Assam dominates


Jyotish Kalita and Nayanjyoti Medhi

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Govt. of Assam dominates


Syed Burhanur and Biswajyoti Saikia

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Over 100 people gathered at the Taj in Guwahati, set the stage for the city final. Pickbrain, in typical style, got down to business from the word go and the prelim started the quiz with a crisp set of 20 questions and that led to the finalists.


  • RBI : Mrinmoy Biswas and Aneek Roy
  • Guwahati Refinery IOCL : Bonny Saikia and Apoorva Goenka
  • Govt. of Assam : Jyotish Kalita and Nayanjyoti Medhi
  • Umananda Dairy : Niraj Pareek and Amit Verma
  • Pioneers and Partners : Syed Burhanur and Biswajyoti Saikia
  • RBI : Raktim Chaterjee and Prasenjit Roy

The final started with a young RBI team upstaging the others with some good answers. While it got them to an early lead, the other teams settled in and started a counter attack.

As the quiz moved on the Govt. of Assam started scoring at will to establish an unassailable lead moving over a 1250 crubits to finally create a new record for the year. In the meantime, a sensible and experienced duo of lawyers chased Govt. of Assam for a while, and then played well to rally through a tiebreaker to finish runner-up getting the better of the RBI team.

Mr. Ashwani Anand, the General Manager, Vivanta by Taj Guwahati, gave away the prizes and appreciated the high voltage final.