Corporate Quiz Results - Generation Awakens NGO takes Assam


Generation Awakens NGO - Maharnav Gogoi and Bidyut Bikash


SS e-Village - Syed Murtuza and Jayanta

High quality quizzing coupled with some stunning answers and the rise of a young champion team marked the second corporate edition of Tata Crucible at Guwahati. Teams coming in from Jorhat and Shillong indicated the growing popularity of the quiz in the region.

A very balanced prelim resulted in the following teams making it to the final…

  • J Thomas and Co: Navneeth and Rachit Rai
  • State Bank of India: Jewel.P and Ritesh.B
  • SS e-Village: Syed Murtuza and Jayanta
  • Bharti Airtel: Rudra Deka and Alok.B
  • Outreach Advt : Sunit Jain and Jacob Dutta
  • Generation Awakens NGO: Maharnav Gogoi and Bidyut Bikash

The final was truly absorbing and went quite literally from one round to another. It began with almost all teams scoring in the early rounds not giving an indicator as to who would win the day. As the quiz progressed into the next couple of rounds e-Village, Outreach, and Gen Awakens moved ahead.

The buzzers did help J.Thomas and SBI crack a bit but they needed to take more risks to challenge the leaders which they could not. In the final couple of rounds Gen Awakens with a spirited young duo backing themselves on the buzzer regularly did very well to clinch the title followed by the e-Village team as runner up.

The quizmaster was generous in his appreciation of the young champions, even wondered if they were the youngest ever team to win a Crucible regional title. The guest Mr.Nilaj Mahalanavis echoed the view as well lauding the teams for the quality while wishing the young champions on their monumental achievement. Kudos Guwahati. Way to go!