Corporate Quiz Results - Cluster 8 : TCS dominates Mumbai

Cluster 8 : TCS dominates Mumbai


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Cluster 8 : TCS dominates Mumbai

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The Mumbai cluster of Tata Crucible has often been one of the most difficult terrains for quizzers in India. Given the huge corporate presence in the city, the talent for quizzing is massive. It often results in nail biting finals that go down the wire. Pickbrain for sure came prepared based on his experiences of the past. However, the battle of Mumbai unfolded very differently this year with Aniruddha Dutta of TCS sweeping the final with a national record score.

The Finalists Were

  • Siddhartha Banerjee | Discovery
  • Aniruddha Dutta | Tata Consultancy Services
  • Abhijith Bhadran | Greenwich Metals
  • Sowmya Ramaswamy | Tata Consultancy Services
  • Vijay Pillai | o3 Capital
  • Sidharth Srinivasan | Tata CLiQ

The battle while clearly one sided for the victor, was fairly close for the runner up title. All the remaining five had their fair chances. It however came down to some good quizzing from Siddharth Banerjee who moved ahead of the rest to finish behind the champion. His performance was surely a strong one, in the end, though appeared marginal to the way Aniruddha played.

The guest of honour Mr. Siddharth Sharma, Group Chief Sustainability Officer and a member of the leadership team at Tata Sons spoke of the importance of learning and more importantly addressed the need for individual level responsibility that people need to take towards the environment and sustainability. He underlined his message with a strong reminder that we have just one planet to live on.