Corporate Quiz Results - Cluster 12 : Rabi Shankar wins Eastern thriller

Cluster 12 : Rabi Shankar wins Eastern thriller


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Cluster 12 : Rabi Shankar wins Eastern thriller

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The eastern battle of the quiz featuring West Bengal and the North Eastern states always throws up champions who eventually make it to the national finale. Such is the talent from this region. The passion for reading, learning and quizzing in the east has always been unparalleled.

The Finalists Were

  • Rabi Shankar Saha | Capgemini
  • Abhyankar Joshi | PwC
  • Deepak Taneja | Indian Oil
  • Jyotish Kalita | Govt. of Assam
  • Sudip Kalyan Dey | TCS
  • Akash Das | Titan

The quiz had a wonderful mix of youngsters and quiz veterans, very similar to the open quizzing culture of the east where only knowledge matters. The rounds moved quickly. The strikes by Akash, Jyotish and Deepak kept them in the hunt though they were a trifle behind Rabi. It was a couple of mistakes from the others that made Rabi lead from the front and close the game without any fuss. It was Deepak who got to the second place beating Jyotish by a whisker.

The chief guest Mr. Suresh Menon, Vice President and Head Eastern Operations, TCS appreciated the contestants and spoke of how he has seen the quiz evolve and that the quiz never ceases to amaze him time and time again, with the level of contestants from the east, always serving to be a new benchmark.