Corporate Quiz Results - Chennai Silks do a Dravid at Kovai


Chennai Silks - Arul Srinivasan and Yogesh Pai


Bhansali and Associates - Sheilendra Bhansali and Priya Bhansali

As ‘The Wall’ battled alone for India at the 2000th test in history, Pickbrain toasted the occasion with a question on Thomas Lord the man behind ‘Lords’ to leave the teams stumped and audience in awe at his sense of timing. The question also illustrates the track set by the quizmaster, where teams had to think hard to crack the posers, that had many a veteran quizzer playing tentative and cautious at the Kovai final this year.

The prelim had a perfect mix of international, national and Tamil Nadu related questions and the six teams that made it to the final were –


  • Acusis Software: Hiren Shah and Senthil Kumar
  • Chennai Silks: Arul Srinivasan and Yogesh Pai
  • Brookefields: Balasubramaniam and Ashwin
  • Bhansali and Associates: Sheilendra Bhansali and Priya Bhansali
  • Robert Bosch: Aditya and Samir
  • Payoda Tech: Aadhavan and Mohan Bharathi

The final was all about watchfulness and very little aggression. The first few rounds resulted in a scenario of a three way battle between Acusis, Chennai Silks and Bhansali and Associates. Acusis did try earnestly to push the tempo but got a few negatives on the buzzer that set them back.

Just when the quiz seemed to be heading for a two way fight between the Bhasali’s and Chennai Silks the duo from Brookfields Estate produced some magical answers to stun the quizmaster and the audience. However, they could not sustain that momentum and it proved to be a too little too late story for them. In retrospect, this team would sure feel they could have pushed for more and backed themselves on the buzzer a trifle faster.

In the final couple of rounds defending champ Chennai Silks with a slender lead over the Bhansali’s chose to play absolutely safe and took no half chances. The waiting game they played actually resulted in a huge opportunity for the Bhansali’s who did give the final question a go but it just wasn’t their day as they settled for another runner up title.

Chennai Silks retained the crown displaying immense maturity and composure by just deciding to hang in there and do nothing silly akin the Dravid who did the same thing at the same time, miles away.