Corporate Quiz Results - BSP SAIL wins Nagpur


Bhilai Steel Plant - SPS Jaggi and Chandrashekar


Think Consultants - Parag Paranjpee and Ranjit Dani

‘They have started to enjoy their quizzing at Nagpur and that is best way to improve’ observed Pickbrain while one of the finalists said ‘Tata Crucible is a big and everyone of us looks forward to it eagerly’. These reactions summarized the growing popularity for business quizzing in this region.

A very interesting prelim with a few questions based on Maharastra made the teams think hard and they sure enjoyed every bit of it.

Six Finalists

  • Think Consultants: Parag Paranjpee and Ranjit Dani
  • Bhilai Steel Plantam (A): Sanjay Shamkuwar and Manoj Kumar Prasad
  • Infocepts: Shivam Sharma and Akshay Deshmukh
  • Bhilai Steel Plant (B): Sandeep Kumar Jain and Harpreet Singh
  • Persistent: Karthik Vyas and Gaurav
  • Bhilai Steel Plant (C): SPS Jaggi and Chandrashekar

The final was all about watchfulness and measured aggression. The first few rounds resulted in a scenario of a three way battle between Bhilai Steel (B & C) and Think Consultants. Team Think were leading into the first two rounds as the buzzers came into play.

The BSP duo of Jaggi and Chandrashekar powered themselves to the lead with in the Tata round. Think Consultants did crack a couple but could not sustain that momentum and it proved to be a too little too late story for them. In retrospect, this team would sure feel they could have pushed for more and backed themselves on the buzzer a trifle faster.

In the final round, Jaggi and Chandrashekar sealed the quiz with a few good answers to make it to the national final.