Corporate Quiz Results - Vizag Steel sail through

Vizag Steel sail through

WINNER: Vizag Steel

Sabyasachi Pani and Santanu Dey

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Vizag Steel sail through

RUNNER UP:Vizag Steel

Rahul and AGK Murthy

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Over 150 people at Vizag for a business quiz on a week day was a wonderful sight for the city. Many teams were accompanied by their families, making it a festive evening to celebrate knowledge. Eager school children and campus quizzers added to the fervour. Quizmaster Pickbrain was at his best with sharp posers that tested all the teams.


  • Vizag Steel : Sabyasachi Pani and Santanu Dey
  • Gitam University : Prem Chand and Vasudev Rao
  • Vizag Steel : Sudhanshu and Akhil
  • DRDO : Chandrashekar and Kushal B
  • Vizag Steel : Rahul and AGK Murthy
  • BHEL : Siddhartha and Anubhav Das

The finale saw two young professors from Gitam University join the Vizag Steel teams along with DRDO and BHEL in the final. It was tense, to begin with but very soon it was Sabyasachi and Santanu who were in command right through the quiz.

The quiz moved at a very brisk pace with the professors doing well in bursts along with the steel team of Sudhanshu and Akhil. The latter played way too safe given the answers they produced finishing third. As they played for higher values, they could have possibly finished runner up.

It was however the seasoned duo of Rahul and Murthy who clinched the runner up title, being unable to chase a very well prepared and confident duo of Sabyasachi and Santanu.

The guest of honour Mr. Kiran Bussari, GM Taj Gateway, Vizag, spoke of how the city is changing rapidly and a lot of young talent are shaping that change.