Corporate Quiz Results for the Delhi – Oracle and Genpact into the national final final - Tata Crucible

Delhi – Oracle and Genpact into the national final

WINNER: Genpact (Gurgaon)

Rohan Khanna and Leo Thomas

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Delhi – Oracle and Genpact into the national final

RUNNER UP: Oracle (Delhi)

Yaggy and Mitesh

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The northern interface of the quiz was a battle many across India were looking forward to as it would determine the final line up for the nationals of the 2013 edition of the quiz. The teams that made it from the north were a combination of dark horses and a few seasoned campaigners.

  • (Lucknow) : Shivdas and Siddharth
  • Genpact (Gurgaon) : Rohan Khanna and Leo Thomas
  • RS Power (Indore): Apoorv and Ms.Ashwini
  • Maurya Learning (Jaipur) : Avinash Maurya and Aditya Sharma
  • Infosys (Chandigarh): Manu Chugh and Jaspreet Singh Kapoor
  • Oracle (Delhi) : Yaggy and Mitesh

The battle began with Oracle getting off to a quick start and coming up with some really good answers stamping it with class and authority. As the quiz inched on Maurya Learning and Genpact were moving forward while Travelkhana played well to answer a couple but from there on lost everything by going for the buzzer too often.

The battle seemed close but in the final rounds Genpact starting powering their way ahead with some half chances that paid off. Suddenly Maurya Learning found the terrain tough and could not catch up. Oracle on their part had consolidated and did not do anything silly realising that getting to the national final was more important than winning a zonal. In the end Genpact marched ahead of Oracle to get into the nationals on a winning note.

The guest of honour Mr.Tej Paul Bhatla – Vice President and Deputy Head of TCS North India spoke of how “Programs such as these prepare people for corporate situations and competitive market conditions”.