Campus Quiz Results - Nagpur – VNIT Nagpur script great win

Nagpur – VNIT Nagpur script great win


Pranjal And Pawan

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Nagpur – VNIT Nagpur script great win


Anuj Agarwal and Aditya Morarka

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The tenth edition of India’s biggest business quiz on campuses was sure a huge draw for students across colleges at Nagpur. The excitement was a little higher as it happened to be the host city for the first of 34 this year.

The stroke of 30 minutes past One and quizmaster Pickbrain arrived on stage to launch the 10 edition. With the first question of the quiz, a tribute to Sir. M. Visweshwariah, it certainly was an apt way to get the season started. The prelims were crisp but tough and led to the following finalists.


  • Institute of Science : Prashik and Akash
  • Govt Medical College : Abhijeet Jain and Alok Parekh
  • VNIT : Pranjal and Pawan
  • VNIT : Anand and Srivatsava
  • RCOEM : Anuj Agarwal and Aditya Morarka
  • RCOEM : Kshitij and Aditya

The quizmaster Giri Pickbrain kept the audience in splits with his sense of humour and timely cracks while ensuring a nail biting affair. The early rounds saw VNIT (Pranjal and Pawan) that came into the final from a wild card that they nearly lost to get off to a good start only to be challenged repeatedly by RCOEM (Anuj Agarwal and Aditya Morarka) and the aspiring doctors from Govt. Medical College.

In the end after a few tense rounds it was the VNIT duo that got the better of RCOEM and made it to the western regional finale from Nagpur. The winners received a cash prize of Rs.1 Lakh while the runner up received Rs.50,000.