Campus Quiz Results - UPES impress Dehradun


UPES Shubham Bansal & Vipul Tyagi


UPES Kshitij Kumar & Kamal Nayan Bhatt

Thunder followed by heavy rains almost looked like a dampener for a wonderful event. However, more than 200 students braved the rains to be part of their edition of Tata Crucible. Ms. Rashmi Furtado started the prelim appreciating the students for showing up despite the weather conditions. She had an easy line-up of questions that kept the teams motivated and eager to know who would progress to the next round.

Wild Card

  • IIT (R) :Vedarsh B & Shishir K
  • DIT :Mika Fonia & Deeksha B
  • UPES :Neha C & Rishabh A
  • Doon University :Anubhav & Ayush
  • DIT :Abhishek & Rohan S
  • UPES :Vipul & Shubham B


  • DIT University :Shelja and Karthikey Singh
  • IIT Roorkee :Nikhil Arora and Ayush K
  • UPES :Kshitij Kumar and Kamal Nayan Bhatt
  • IIM (Kashipur) :Sumit A and Tanuj B
  • DIT :Abhishek and Rohan
  • UPES :Shubham Bansal and Vipul Tyagi

The final was extremely fast-paced with ace quizmaster Pickbrain in command. He kept the teams on their toes with his outstanding questions while those seated in the audience were entertained as the answers were unveiled. The teams from IIT Roorkee and IIM Kashipur did very well in the early stages of the game. It took a while for the teams from DIT and UPES to warm up.

UPES represented by Vipul and Shubham, did well to quickly gain ground and catch up with IIT and IIM. The battle got tense and that prompted the IIT and IIM teams to back themselves on half-chances which backfired. That gave a window of opportunity to UPES which they did not miss. The DIT duo did well to crack a few but took too many negatives at the same time.

As the quiz moved into the final stages Vipul and Shubham, did well to hold on to their lead and win the quiz. A late comeback by their college mates, Kamal and Kshitij earned them the runner-up title.