Campus Quiz Results - Trichy – NIT sweep Trichy

Trichy – NIT sweep Trichy


NIT Trichy - Rishi Rajasekaran and Senthil Hariharan

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Trichy – NIT sweep Trichy

Runner Up

NIT Trichy - Abinesh and Mayank

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Over 300 students and the NIT auditorium was full to the brim. Quizmaster Pickbrain quick wit kept the audience glued to their seats. He also had an interesting mix of questions for the prelim with a dash of local flavour too. After the prelim the following six made it to the final.


  • KRCE :Gowthaman and Arul Wilfred
  • NIT Trichy :Rishi Rajasekaran and Senthil Hariharan
  • MIET :Abdullah and Fizal
  • Sastra Univ :Abhijith and Raja Sudharshan
  • NIT Trichy :Abinesh and Mayank
  • NIT Trichy :Akash and Sai Prashanth

The final was dominated by the NIT teams who went into the lead early and did not really give any other college a chance. The Sastra University team did try to get into the groove but could not hit a good momentum.

The other teams could not hold their own over a period of time, and the NIT teams won both the top prizes in style. The quizmaster appreciated the audience as well for answering all the questions missed by the teams.

The guest of honour, Dr. Mini Shaji Thomas, Director NIT Trichy, appreciated the knowledge level of the teams and wished them well for their future.