Campus Quiz Results - Shillong – NIT Silchar take Shillong

Shillong – NIT Silchar take Shillong


NIT Silchar - Dipkankar Sharma and Lakshya Raj

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Shillong – NIT Silchar take Shillong

Runner Up

IIM Shillong - Maharnav Gogoi and Bhaskar Chakrabarty

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Shillong witnessed over 200 participants from across states of the north east. After a not so difficult prelim, the top six teams that made it were:


  • NIT Silchar :Dipkankar Sharma and Lakshya Raj Chopra
  • IIM Shillong :Maharnav Gogoi and Bhaskar Chakrabarty
  • North Eastern Hill University :Sachin Behera and Abhijith Abraham
  • St. Edmund’s College :Ms. Devatrisha and P. Sarfaraj Laskar
  • IIM Shillong :Shyam Ramakrishnan and Rohit P.
  • IIM Shillong :Anshu Priyadarshi and Nikhil Dange

The finale started with the defending champs from NIT surging into a quick lead. The IIM duo of Gogoi and Bhaskar were quick to regain turf and even got into the lead as the quiz moved into the second half.

The other teams did try with good answers, but it was not enough to get close to these two teams. In the last phases of the quiz, the NIT duo came back strongly and went into the lead again, this time with the resolve that they would not slip. It was too much for the IIM team to try and challenge them and they displayed great maturity to retain the runner up title.

The guest of honour Prof. Rohith Dwivedi, Chairperson, MDP, IIM Shillong graced the occasion and gave away the prizes to the top teams.