Campus Quiz Results - Ranchi – NIT Rourkela sweeps Ranchi

Ranchi – NIT Rourkela sweeps Ranchi


NIT Rourkela - Nishanth and Wasim Sajjad

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Ranchi – NIT Rourkela sweeps Ranchi

Runner Up

NIT Rourkela - Prathamesh and Debashish

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Campus students from across the state of Jharkhand and close by places turned out for the Ranchi edition of Tata Crucible with great enthusiasm and passion. Quizmaster Pickbrain got the quiz moving with his repertoire of posers in the prelim that led to the six finalists.


  • BIT Mesra: Ms.Dhriti and Ms.Saumya
  • IIM Ranchi: Srinidhi and Sabyasachi
  • BIT Mesra: Rohit and Abhi
  • NIT Rourkela: Nishanth and WasimSajjad
  • NIFFT: Kunal and Samresh
  • NIT Rourkela: Prathamesh and Debashish

The final was crisp, engaging and started with all teams scoring early. As the early nerves of the format settled, the duo from NIT, Nishanth and Wasim, started to muscle their way ahead with very strong answers and quick strikes on the buzzer.

The battle slowly drifted to who would emerge runner up but then the other team from NIT, of Prathamesh and Debashish, came close to challenging their college mates who had a good lead but did not expect someone to close in.

The duo of Nishanth and Wasim, though, held out the challenge with sensible quizzing to ensure they won the title. The other NIT team finished runner up to complete a clean sweep at Ranchi.