Campus Quiz Results - Raipur – NIT wins back Raipur from IIM

Raipur – NIT wins back Raipur from IIM


NIT Raipur - Vipul Jain and Sandeep Pandey

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Raipur – NIT wins back Raipur from IIM

Runner Up

IIM Raipur - Arko Biswas and Shashank Patekar

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The 12th game of the 2019 campus edition of Tata Crucible was held at Raipur. The match had close to 300 people playing the prelim. The prelim, hosted by Ms. Rashmi Furtado, was well balanced and gave all teams the chance to score. The top teams that made it was:

Super Over

  • HNLU :Ms. Aishwarya and Vaibhav
  • NIT Raipur :Aman and Anubhav
  • IIM Raipur :Arko Biswas and Shashank
  • NIT Raipur :Sachin Sahu and Shubham. S
  • HNLU :Adyasha and Ayush Kashyap
  • NIT Raipur :Amit Kumar and Siddhant Sharma

The super over saw NIT Raipur dominate and qualify with three teams, though all of them missed out and none made it to the final. HNLU made it to the final while the other slot was taken by the IIM team on a tiebreaker.


  • HNLU :Ms. Pragya Singh and Gaurab Agarwal
  • NIT Raipur :Vipul Jain and Sandeep Pandey
  • IIM Raipur :Ashwani Kumar and Chirag Gupte
  • BIT Bhilai :Siddharth Meshram and Saurabh Sinha
  • HNLU :Ms. Adyasha and Ayush Kashyap
  • IIM Raipur :Arko Biswas and Shashank

Later, ace quizmaster Pickbrain takes charge and set the pace for the final. It saw the NIT team get off to a quick start while all the others played safe and hedged at low scores even as they got their answers right. That did not help the cause of the teams as NIT kept playing at higher values and were increasing their lead.

As the quiz progressed only the team from IIM With Arko and Shashank looked like challenging NIT but that too did not last long as the former started playing safe to protect a second place for themselves.

NIT won the title back after a couple of years as the IIMs have been dominating this city for a while. The final was witnessed by an enthusiastic crowd that cracked many audience questions and won handsome prizes. Prof. Parihar, of GEC Raipur, gave away the prizes.