Campus Quiz Results - Pune – SCMHRD take Pune again

Take a bow to the defending champions of the Pune edition from SCMHRD as they won the quiz back to back at Pune which according to Pickbrain is one of the most keenly contested cities each year given the quality of the institutes here.

The finalists were:

  • SCMHRD – Gaurav & Amneet
  • SIMB – Gautham & Ramprakash
  • Symbiosis Law School – Subhodeep & Suvajit
  • MIT – Karan & Jaipal
  • SCMHRD – Mehul & Sharthak
  • Smt.Kashibai Navade Col of Engg – Omkar & Bhooshan

The 2020 extravaganza started in style with the defending champions scoring a super six on the first ball of the match to set the tone for the finale. The other teams did make early ‘runs’ and as the first two over were completed all the teams looked settled for the assault.

While Symbiosis Law and SIMB tried in bursts to move ahead, a couple of teams did play it a trifle cautious to their own peril in a format like this which rewards the brave and those who back themselves rather than those who wait for others to make the mistakes.

The buzzer created the ideal platform for the teams to make comebacks or score faster. The SCMHRD duo (Gaurav and Amneet) did just that and did not want to leave too many things to the final over of the game. The scored fast and consistently and stayed clear of the rest as the quiz moved into the final over.

Symbiosis Law (a former regional champion) did well to push a super six on the first ball of the final over to get themselves into second spot but SIBM was quick to retort on the very next ball to inch past them. As both these teams looked keen to score off the final ball it was SCMHRD which decided to round off the game with a nice 50 with the final ball to win another memorable final.


  • WINNER: SCMHRD – Gaurav and Amneet
  • RUNNER UP: SIMB – Gautham and Ramprakash