Campus Quiz Results - Navi Mumbai – IIM dominate Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai	– IIM dominate Navi Mumbai


IIM Indore Navi Mumbai - Ashish Mani and Prashant Singh

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Navi Mumbai	– IIM dominate Navi Mumbai

Runner Up

ITM Navi Mumbai - Arka Roy and Debarun Talukdar

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A normal Friday afternoon at Navi Mumbai came alive for the city edition of Tata Crucible. The teams were into quizzing mode as quizmaster Pickbrain presented a rather tricky prelim. The following six made it to the final.


  • FCRIT :Pratik Bhosle and Tathagata Mukherjee
  • IIM Indore Navi Mumbai :Ashish Mani and Prashant Singh
  • ITM Navi Mumbai :Faizan and Praveen
  • NISM :Nikhil Gupta and Sweedel Parakal
  • ITM Navi Mumbai :Arka Roy and Debarun Talukdar
  • ITM Navi Mumbai :Chitransh Mathur and Jainesh T.

The final was a wonderful experience for the entire audience. It began with all teams playing well early on but as the quiz moved rapidly from one question to another the duo were in action cracking the questions, at will.

It was a stunning effort from there on by IIM. Their ability to crack nearly everything at will reflected on how well they were prepared for the battle. While no team could challenge them to the top spot, it was the ITM team with Arka and Debarun that managed to finish runner up.

The winners move to the zonal from here. The guest of honour Prof. Bhavsar, CIO, ITM Group of Institutions, appreciated the teams for a superb performance and gave them the prizes.