Campus Quiz Results - Nagpur – VNIT shines at Nagpur

Nagpur – VNIT shines at Nagpur


VNIT Nagpur - Akash Yadav and Rahul Bhagat

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Nagpur – VNIT shines at Nagpur

Runner Up

SRCE - Shouvik Dey and Gaurav Sharma

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The 11th match of the 2019 campus edition of Tata Crucible got underway at Nagpur. With close to 900 people, it looked like a stadium more than an auditorium as Ms. Rashmi Furtado, presented the prelim, peppered with liberal clues to help the teams crack her posers.

Super Over

  • RGCER :Ms. Gauri and Jayesh
  • IIM Nagpur :Ms. Shivangi and Kunal Kumar
  • RGCER :Ms. Ashwini and Pruthviraj. K
  • YCCE :Sagar and Rohit G
  • VNIT Nagpur :Aditya and Sricharan
  • IIM Nagpur :Prantik and Arghya. S

In the super over the legendary quizmaster Pickbrain took over and the round saw an even battle. Two teams, one each from VNIT and IIM moved into the final.


  • VNIT Nagpur :Akash Yadav and Rahul Bhagat
  • IMT Nagpur :Anidhya M and Ms. Harshita Sharma
  • IIM Nagpur :Aditya Prakash and Rishav Raj
  • SRCE :Shouvik Dey and Gaurav Sharma
  • VNIT Nagpur :Aditya and Sricharan
  • IIM Nagpur :Prantik and Arghya. S

The final saw VNIT with Akash and Rahul going for the big sixes, early on putting the pressure on all the other teams. The pace of the match was fast with teams getting onto the buzzers quickly. The IIMs and IMT did well in bursts but could not sustain momentum.

The SRCE team did well to keep pace with VNIT for the first half of the final. However, as the final over came on, VNIT stamped their authority on the match, hitting a couple of big ones, a few well-played three runs and couple of just a run to prevent others from getting past them. In the end, VNIT moved to the zonal while SRCE settled for the runner up title.

Dr. Uday Waghe, Principal YCCE, and Dr. Pravin Dakhole, Registrar YCCE were present on the occasion and gave away the prizes to the top teams.