Campus Quiz Results - Nagpur – IMT strategy clicks at Nagpur

Nagpur – IMT strategy clicks at Nagpur


IMT Nagpur - Shubhashok and Ms. Harshita

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Nagpur – IMT strategy clicks at Nagpur

Runner Up

IIM Nagpur - Shikar Bharadwaj and Ataul K. Baig

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Over 900 students marked a record participation for the Nagpur edition of the quiz. It was wonderful to see students from all over eager to do well in the quiz. The arrival of the quizmaster resulted in huge cheers akin to a movie star! A crisp prelim led to the six finalists.


  • IIM Nagpur :Shikar Bharadwaj and Ataul K. Baig
  • IIM Nagpur :Prantik Goswami and Arghya Sarkar
  • VNIT :Ms. Rucha Naik and Aditya Nair
  • Inst. Of Science :Vaibhav and Anurag C.
  • IMT Nagpur :Shubhashok and Ms. Harshita
  • Ambedkar College of Law (BACL) :Ashwin and Amit Das

The final was a very absorbing battle with most teams scoring at similar frequency. It was only after the middle phases of the quiz that a few teams inched ahead of the rest. The IIM’s, the law aspirants and the IMT duo were all in the race for the title.

The IMT team played a smart strategy, backing themselves to a higher value playing the Tata Card (for 150 crubits) each time, gaining more from their answers. This resulted in them getting past the IIM team that answered equally well but kept playing at par (100 crubits) and did not push for more.

This led to IMT being able to put pressure and forcing a mistake from the IIMs resulting in them having to settle for the runner up title, with IMT winning comfortably towards the end. The duo from BACL also did well but could not move past the top two despite some very good answers.

The guest of honour Dr. Shekar Bhole, CEO, Meghe Group of Institutions, spoke of the importance of knowledge and gave away the prizes.