Campus Quiz Results - Nagpur – IMT Nagpur win off final ball

Nagpur – IMT Nagpur win off final ball

Champions, IMT - Neha Katyal & Soumyajit.

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Nagpur – IMT Nagpur win off final ball

Runner Up, VNIT - Varun N & Tanmay Tapase.

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If the debut edition of the Nagpur Campus Crucible was any indicator to the base of talent here, quizzing is sure going to be a rage in this region. Over 130 teams thronged the quiz only to find themselves seated on the floor or standing against the wall as every inch of the hall was taken by contestants.

Pickbrain commenced proceedings with an apology to those teams who did not find a place to sit but added that he felt vindicated with the turnout as he pushed for Nagpur as a centre for this quiz.

Unfolding a 20Twenty based format of quizzing for this year, he belted out the prelim questions which ranged from simple ones, to tricky turners. The wild card featured 12 teams of which two teams from NVIT made it to the final. They were joined by SRKNEC, IMT, VNIT and DMSR as the first ever finalists of the Nagpur edition.

The finalists:

  • SRKNEC – Navneet & Saurabh
  • VNIT – Servesh & Amrut
  • IMT – Neha Katyal & Soumyajit
  • VNIT – Varun N & Tanmay Tapase
  • VNIT – Sria & Shridhar
  • DMSR College of Social Work – Ravishankar & Subodh Wasnik

The early rounds of the quiz saw Varun and Tanmay register handsome leads but missed to increase their scores by not playing tactical on the ‘power plays’ (where one can double their scores for an answer) and thereby allowed the other teams to get closer as the quiz progressed. Towards the final couple of rounds the battle in a sense gravitated towards three teams – VNIT (Varun and Tanmay), IMT and DMSR.

With just one question to go VNIT was in the lead but both IMT and DMSR had a fair chance to upstage them and as Pickbrain put in his own way “Neha has done a Javed Miandad today at Nagpur” as she belted a super six of the final ball of the match to get her team past VNIT and DMSR.

What was truly wonderful was to see the entire audience enjoy an afternoon of riveting quizzing, winning themselves loads of audience prizes but the ultimate winner was the city of Nagpur.


  • WINNER: IMT – Neha Katyal & Soumyajit
  • RUNNER UP: VNIT – Varun N & Tanmay Tapase