Campus Quiz Results - Mumbai – ITM raps Mumbai

Mumbai – ITM raps Mumbai

Champions, ITM-Navi Mumbai Soubhagya and Anirban

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Mumbai – ITM raps Mumbai

Runner Up, Sardar Patel Inst of Tech Rishikul and Chinmay

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As Crucible Campus 2010 moved into its final phases the Mumbai edition, as Pickbrain put it, is so important not merely as a regional round but because the winner from here always has the potential to go the distance at a national final. The prelim and wild cards led to the following teams.

The finalists were:

  • Sardar Patel Inst of Tech – Rishikul & Chinmay
  • HR College of Commerce – Rudhreshwar & Eshaan
  • SP Jain Inst of Mgmt – Nilesh & Sumukh
  • ITM-Navi Mumbai – Soubhagya & Anirban
  • NITIE – Deepak & Afzal
  • IRMA – Nitin Pai & Naga Trinadh

The ‘match’ began with Mumbai proving age is no factor for this city even when it comes to quizzing as two young lads (Rudhreshwar and Eshaan from HR College) still in their first year of under graduate studies made it to the finale to become the darlings of both the quizmaster and the Mumbai crowd. Kudos to the young duo who sure have a huge future in quizzing, in the years ahead.

The early overs of the quiz infact witnessed the young ‘kiddos’ doing very well to get into the lead to be followed by ITM, Sardar Patel and all the other teams just a shade behind. It was when the buzzers came into play that the quiz quickly started becoming a demanding game as the only engineering duo on stage from Sardar Patel went for big hits – cracked a few and missed a few but set themselves up well for the final overs.

The ITM team in the meantime produced some amazing answers with one of the team members quite literally going ‘non-stop’ on his rambling of the answers prompting the witty quizmaster to remark “We have all seen quizzers and quizmasters in quizzing, here is the first quiz rapper”. The rapper though had his act ready as he went about cracking a few tough posers in his own style.

The final over of the game saw ITM take a huge super six and move on to secure the top slot while the battle for the runner up position was intense and went down to the final ball of the match when Sardar Patel got the better of the HR college duo to finish second.


  • WINNER: ITM-Navi Mumbai – Soubhagya and Anirban
  • RUNNER UP: Sardar Patel Inst of Tech – Rishikul and Chinmay