Campus Quiz Results - Kolkata – IIM-C retain Kolkata

Team IIM-C, the defending champions from the 2009 season romped home to a convincing and emphatic win at the Kolkata Crucible for campuses. A rather tough prelim had the following teams make it to the final.

The finalists were:

  • IIM-C – Shobit & Ram Shankar
  • St.Xavier’s College – Bharat & Chirag
  • Jadhavpur University – Kunal & Siddharth
  • NIT Durgapur – Hirak & Prashant
  • Calcutta University – Prithwish & Saswatha
  • IIT Kharagpur – Abhijeet & Pradeep

The game started with IIM-C dominating the proceedings straight away while the others took a while to get on with the scores. Mid way into the quiz it seemed rather evident that it would be a battle only for the second spot with Shobit and Ram Shankar in no mood to relax.

The final three rounds set the stage for an absorbing battle between two very young teams from Xavier’s and IIT-KGP while the seasoned campaigners from JU and Calcutta University took some good calculative risks. While JU tried the buzzer route to salvation one too many times to end up with a few negatives that pushed them back, the other three teams were locked in a keen tussle that went right down to the final ball of the game.

The Calcutta University duo Prithwish and Saswatha played tactical quizzing to take a risk on the final question given the lead they had at that time to make it a no go option on the next clue for the other teams to ensure they won the second place though by a margin of just 2 runs. The young teams from IIT-KGP and Xavier’s were sure good as quizzers but learnt (from Calcutta University) that at a Crucible, it is just not enough knowing the answers that matters, it is also about how you play the game.

Shobit and Ram Shankar in the meantime had crafted a well executed half century and sealed their place in the national finals for the second consecutive year.


  • WINNER: IIM-C – Shobit & Ram Shankar
  • RUNNER UP: Calcutta University – Prithwish & Saswatha