Campus Quiz Results - Jamshedpur – NIT shines at Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur – NIT shines at Jamshedpur


NIT(J) - Palak Kumar and Sudeep Saurabh

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Jamshedpur – NIT shines at Jamshedpur

Runner Up

XLRI - Shekar and Satyam

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On an overcast afternoon in the inspiring city of Jamshedpur, with close to 300 people, the quiz was buzzing before the word go. Quizmaster Pickbrain,a familiar face in this city, was welcomed to a thunderous applause as he went about the prelim quickly. Soon, the quiz moved into the finale with the following teams making it.


  • XLRI: Pranshu Gupta and Sudarshan
  • Jain College: Keshav and Gurpreet Singh
  • XLRI: Shekar and Satyam
  • XITE: Purushottam P and ShubhamDebnath
  • NIT(J): Palak Kumar and Sudeep Saurabh
  • XLRI: Swarniam and Deepankar

The final was an out of the world experience for the huge audience. Teams cracked posers that seemed difficult with great ease. The wit of the quizmaster stood out, as he kept the audience engaged by cracking timely one liners and giving crafty retorts to teams, but it was all in good stead.

The quiz looked tight for a brief bit, but in quick time the team from NIT were on a rampage and amassed an unassailable lead. They ended the quiz with a national record score of 67 runs. XLRI finished runner up playing sensible.

The guest of honour, Mr. Anand Sen, President TQM and Steel Business – Tata Steel, appreciated the teams and wished the winners the best to win the national title, given the way they played.