Campus Quiz Results - Jammu – MIET retain Jammu

Jammu – MIET retain Jammu


MIET : Ankur Mahajan and Sanjay Kumar

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Jammu – MIET retain Jammu

Runner Up

SMVD University - Sarthak Das and Kumar Vaibhav

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Over 650 students and Jammu posed a unique problem for the seasoned quizmaster Pickbrain as the auditorium capacity was 400. With no video projection facilities to support him for the teams seated outside the overflowing hall, it looked like two prelims were on the cards.

Pickbrain quickly converted his visual questions into text based and delivered a prelim which was fair and common to all. Teams appreciated his quick thinking and intent to not make them wait. The following six made it to the final:


  • The Law School, Univ. of Jammu :Ms. Vishali and Ms. Rhythm
  • MIET :Ankur Mahajan and Sanjay Kumar
  • SMVD University :Sarthak Das and Kumar Vaibhav
  • Govt. Women’s College :Ms. Divya and Ms. Arpita Kumari
  • The Business School, Univ. of Jammu :Nikhil and Ms. Pallavi
  • MIET :Udhav and Anuj

The final started with Ankur and Sanjay, the defending champions taking control early on. It was a clear case of a champion being well prepared as they moved into an unassailable lead. They finished with another impressive win this year with 700 ‘crubits’ to their credit.

The battle for the second place was interesting with The Business School leading for a fair while. It was however the other team from MIET that kept threatening them though they could not get ahead.

In the meantime, the duo from SMVD University played tactically and supported it with good answers to get ahead of the rest and clinch the runner up title.

The guest of honour, Dr. Aruna Dubey, noted educationalist and Principal of GCW, Jammu gave away the prizes to the teams.