Campus Quiz Results - IRMA wins Anand Thriller

IRMA wins Anand Thriller


IRMA Amrit V and Shashank R

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IRMA wins Anand Thriller


GCET Jaynil Paresh Pandya and Tanmay Jignesh Mehta

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High enthusiasm coupled with equally high levels of energy and eagerness to participate marked the Anand edition of Tata Crucible. Quiz host Ms. Rashmi Furtado set the pace for the afternoon with a brisk prelim. A well-balanced set of questions that included a few from the state made just about everyone feel they had a fair chance to qualify. The teams that made it on stage were as follows.

Wild Card

  • MSU :Ms. Twara and Vedaang. K
  • IRMA :Ms. Sowmya Jain and Mukul V
  • IRMA :Vipin Yadav and Hemang C
  • GCET :Jaynil Paresh Pandya and Tanmay Jignesh Mehta
  • IRMA :Rahul and Aman
  • IRMA :Sibadittya and Rohit


  • AD Patel Inst of Tech :Nishipal and Vineeth R
  • IRMA :Amrit V and Shashank R
  • MSU :Ms. Bijoy Lakshmi and Shashank T
  • BVM Vadodara :Ms. Darshana and Rutvik P
  • GCET :Jaynil Paresh Pandya and Tanmay Jignesh Mehta
  • MSU :Ms. Twara and Vedaang. K

The final began with Pickbrain setting a high benchmark level for Anand. He pointed out that the city had invariably been in the top 10 of the country over the last couple of years. All the teams in the final did well in the early rounds making it a very absorbing battle.

Nothing changed as the quiz progressed from one question to another, with GCET, IRMA, MSU and AD Patel Inst, all with an equal chance of winning the final. It went down to the final question as the quiz ended in a tie between IRMA and GCET. The tiebreaker then went on for multiple questions, before IRMA prevailed.

The chief guest Mr. Pratik Modi, professor of marketing, IRMA appreciated the teams and the quiz while giving away the prizes.