Campus Quiz Results - Indore – IIM sweep at Indore

The second edition of the Campus Crucible at Indore (the quiz was introduced here in 2008) was a smashing hit with a record 222 teams taking part on a ‘holi’day! The prelim was followed by 2 wild cards rounds that witnessed very aggressive quizzing from team IIM Indore as they won both the wild card rounds.

The top six at Indore were:

  • IIM Indore – Rahul Jalan & Sugandh Chaturvedi
  • Institute of Management Studies – Gyanesh Bapat & Ankit Khanduja
  • IIM Indore – Debasish Mishra & Sai Ganesh
  • IIPS – Anshuman & Ankita
  • MITM – Anisha & Rohit Gobrele
  • IIM Indore – Akshat & Bhavin Shah

The five round final that followed was a truly riveting affair with the IIM’s battling amongst themselves and the other teams especially the duo from IIPS giving them a run for their money. Apart from the stunning answers, the teams came up with some witty responses that kept the audience entertained and at the edge of their seats.

All the fun and excitement came down to the final question of the quiz when Debashish and Sai Ganesh (IIM Indore) took the initiative and went for the buzzer to win the Indore round in style. Following them closely as runner up were Akshat and Bhavin Shah also from IIM Indore while Ankita and Anshuman (IIPS) finished a very credible third.


  • Winners: IIM Indore – Debasish Mishra & Sai Ganesh
  • Runner Up: IIM Indore – Akshat & Bhavin Shah

Indore Reacts

The quiz was good, designed effectively. This Crucible taught us many things which are meaningful and valuable.
Rajshree Gupta, PBS Indore

It’s an energetic contest which increases interest and also makes us excel in the quiz. It helped us analyze where we stand.
Praathamesh Chhariya, Chameli Devi institute of Technology and Management

The quiz was both fantastic as well as brilliant. The questions from this quiz were both difficult and interesting.
Praveen Gehlot, Astral Institute of Tech and Research

The quiz had questions on valuable brands and products. It was a great time to be a participant in the quiz. We really enjoyed the show.
Amit Agrawal, Medicaps Institute of Technology and Management

A good research effort has gone into shaping the quiz which is evident from the questions. Quizmaster Pickbrain is clear and encouraging. It’s always a pleasure to be a part of an event like this.
Supriya Alori, Institute of Management Studies DAVV