Campus Quiz Results - Delhi – IMT Ghaziabad conquers Delhi

Delhi played host to yet another memorable edition of Tata Crucible. The prelim was a tricky one much like an examination where it all seems easy on the face of it but leads you to make mistakes, that in retrospect, you realise should have been avoided.

Business quizzing in the Delhi region has certainly become big over the last few years and Crucible saw all the big institutions lining up to battle for the honours. Infact, the quizmaster even observed, “Its long overdue for Delhi to win a national title, given the quality of teams one gets to see in the Delhi rounds”.

The prelim led to the wild card rounds, both of which were close thrillers, with the winning team from each wild card making it to the Delhi Final.


  • Delhi School of Economics – Kunal Ganguly & Shibasish Das
  • Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies – Vidur Ahluwalia & Ravi Chauhan
  • IIT Delhi (DOMS) – Vineet Barnwal & Sushant Chandrasekar
  • IIT Roorkee – Prateek Agarwal & Aman Arora
  • MDI – Gurgaon – Tanmay Sharma & Raghu Pant
  • IMT Ghaziabad – Harkirat & Siddharth

The final was tense with teams not willing to take too many risks in the early rounds of the quiz. The Lateral Minds round – viewed by many as the most difficult one at a Crucible, became the right platform for the ‘men to be separated from the boys’ (as Pickbrain put it) with IMT Ghaziabad blazing away with three stikes on the buzzer to set themselves up for a victory.

In the final round, IIT Delhi made the first move to inch ahead for the second place while IMT played it carefully to ensure they did nothing silly and won the quiz with some smart quizzing.

Pickbrain had a special mention for two teams – Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies represented by Vidur Ahluwalia & Ravi Chauhan, who are just into their first year of college (under grads) and IIT – Roorkee (Prateek Agarwal & Aman Arora ) for their passion for quizzing – they had made it to the Chandigarh final of Crucible but were not allowed to take the stage there, as one of the team members had not reached. They were given permission to take the prelim again at Delhi and they made it to the final here as well, this time as a team!

At the end of an evening of fantastic quizzing, all of Delhi will hope and wish that Harkirat & Siddharth will bring the ‘long overdue’ national title as a tribute and impetus to a growing quizzing culture in the nation’s capital.


WINNER: IMT Ghaziabad – Harkirat & Siddharth
RUNNER UP: IIT Delhi (DOMS) – Vineet Barnwal & Sushant Chandrasekar