Campus Quiz Results - IISER top Bhopal

IISER top Bhopal


IISER Bhopal Anubhab C and Aditya Singh

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IISER top Bhopal


NLIU Amar Tandon and Siddharth Sisodia

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Over a hundred teams and the auditorium was brimming with excitement for the second edition of Tata Crucible at Bhopal. Popular quiz host Ms. Rashmi Furtado took charge and belted out twenty preliminary questions in quick time. She peppered her questions with wit that kept the teams entertained. The teams that made it from the prelim were as follows.

Wild Card

  • UIT RGPV :Sandar Singh and Tejas C
  • NIT (B) :Rishabh B and Ashish K
  • IIIT (B) :Ayush and Nishant
  • UIT RGPV:Ayush and Nishant
  • IISER :Dewrat Dube and Yashvardhan Singh
  • NLIU :Amar Tandon and Siddharth Sisodia


  • MITS Gwalior :Aniruddh Guha and Vishal S
  • NLU Bhopal :Shivam Gour and Gaurav P
  • IISER Bhopal : Anubhab C and Aditya Singh
  • MANIT Bhopal :Rajat Sharma and Sushil Mishra
  • NIT Bhopal :Rishabh and Ashish K
  • NLIU :Amar Tandon and Siddharth Sisodia

The final started with noted quizmaster Pickbrain taking charge. He maintained a brisk tempo as teams hedged some questions right and some wrong. Midway through the quiz, most teams seem to be where they started with no score on the board. While that look humorous it certainly made the quiz tense.

It was in the final frontier of the quiz that the team from IISER represented by Anubhab and Aditya played exceedingly well to clinch the title. Amar and Siddharth from NLU finished a very worthy runner-up.

The quiz witnessed teams travelling all the way from Gwalior and Jabalpur and duly acknowledged and appreciated by the quiz master. Mr. Vivek Pathak of BHEL, prolific corporate quizzer from the region was also present at the quiz.

The chief guest Dr P.K Mishra former director CRIM, Barkatullah University gave away the prizes to the teams. The winning team now qualifies to the Mumbai zonal round where they would take on other teams from Western India to battle for a place in the national final.