Campus Quiz Results - IIM win Raipur

IIM win Raipur


IIM Raipur Ankit M and Abinash P

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IIM win Raipur


HNLU Ms. Pragya Singh and Gourab A

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The Raipur edition of Tata crucible witnessed close to 200 people participating this year. The prelim hosted by Ms. Rashmi Furtado was a reasonably difficult one, even as she chipped in with intelligent clues. The teams that progressed from the prelim were as follows.

Wild Card

  • AIIMS :Thomas and Mahesh
  • IIM (R):Nivedhan and Chirag
  • HNLU :Ms. Masooma and Aniket
  • NIT Raipur :Ms. Anusha and Sarthak
  • IIIT (R) :Ms. Priyansh and Shyam
  • HNLU :Sauhard Alung and Tushar S.


  • NIT :Aman and Anubhav M
  • IIM (R) :Ankit M and Abinash P
  • HNLU :Ms. Pragya Singh and Gourab A
  • BIT Durg :Siddharth and Saurabh
  • AIIMS :Thomas and Mahesh
  • IIM (R) :Nivedhan and Chirag

Noted quizmaster Pickbrain hosted the final of the quiz. The quiz was fast paced as all the teams tried to score, some gaining and some losing on the Buzzer. This went on for a while, but the team from IIM Raipur represented by Ankit and Abinash played intelligently to not take any negatives.

This helped them maintain a good lead and win the final. The battle for the second place was a tough one, eventually won by the aspiring lawyers from HNLU. Commenting about the quiz this year Ms. Furtado observed that it is nice to see multiple colleges qualifying into the final. She called how barely a couple of years ago a handful of colleges would dominate the finals.

The winners of the quiz from here now travel to Hyderabad for their zonal round. The top two teams from the zonal will move to the national final of the quiz.