Campus Quiz Results - IIM Top at Trichy

IIM Top at Trichy


IIM Trichy Ms. Anju Nair and Antony Simon

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IIM Top at Trichy


NIT Trichy Balaji and Anirudh

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Over a thousand students thronged the auditorium at the sprawling NIT Trichy campus to be part of the city edition of Tata Crucible. Quizmaster Pickbrain dished out a quick prelim of 20 questions to arrive at the finalists.

Wild Card

  • BIM (T) :Rahul and Vishnu
  • Madurai Medical Colleg :Jotish and Varun
  • NIT Trichy :Bala Aditya and Atharva
  • Madura College :Prakash and Ram Surya Prasath
  • NIT Trichy :Aaryan and Shubham
  • NIT Trichy :Shreyas and Abhishek


  • Sastra (Tanjore):Anirudh R and Krishna G
  • NIT Trichy :Balaji and Anirudh
  • IIM Trichy :Ms. Anju Nair and Antony Simon
  • Bishop Heber :Navin S and Bharath Krishna
  • NIT Trichy :Bala Aditya and Pranav Shriram
  • NIT Trichy :Aaryan and Shubham

The final was an interesting affair with the team from IIM taking an early lead to get ahead of the rest. Soon enough the team from NIT Trichy with Balaji and Anirudh also started scoring and nearly caught up with IIM.

The team from Bishop Heber, Shastra Tanjore and the other NIT teams all scored but could only score in bursts. That did not help them to close in on the top two teams. As the battle continued the IIM team kept scoring, ensuring they did not take a single negative. The NIT team of Balaji and Anirudh came close to challenging the leaders on the final few questions but could not force a tiebreaker.

The IIM team played out the final few questions calmly to ensure they won a memorable title for their institute. The chief guest Dr. Mini Shaji Thomas, Director NIT Trichy, appreciated the Tata Group for creating such an initiative while congratulating the teams and wishing them luck with their lives and careers.