Campus Quiz Results - IIM Shillong shine at Guwahati

IIM Shillong shine at Guwahati


IIM Shillong Akash V and Akshay Desai

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IIM Shillong shine at Guwahati


Assam Engg College Prasant Bose and Subhraneel A

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Close to 200 people were part of the Guwahati round of Tata Crucible. Ms Rashmi Furtado had a very interesting set of questions in the preliminary round. Teams were seen discussing and appreciating the same during the break that followed. The teams that progress to the next round were:

Wild Card

  • Tezpur Univ :Rajibul A and Tuhinanqshu B
  • Assam Engg College :Rohan and Arindam
  • Guwahati University :Dipankar and Malay Das
  • NLU Assam :Gaurav and Sudarshan
  • Guwahati Medical College :Rupankar and BIshwayan B
  • Cotton University :Plawan and Kumar Aditya


  • Cotton University :Raktim Ranjan and Hrishikesh P
  • Assam Engg College :Prasant Bose and Subhraneel A
  • Tezpur University :Abhinav Das and Munindra Nath
  • IIM Shillong :Akash V and Akshay Desai
  • NLU Assam :Gaurav and Sudharshan
  • Tezpur University :Gaurav and Sudharshan

The final anchored by favourite quizmaster Pickbrain saw questions that were well researched from both the north east and the east at large. That stumped the teams a little as they were used to a more global business quiz. The IIM Shillong team started well and maintained very good pace not letting any of the teams to overtake them.

The second-place battle was becoming interesting but Assam Engineering College, which got a couple of questions right in the middle phases played smartly to not take negatives and also not to try and chase out IIM Shillong, thereby winning the runner up title.

It prompted the witty quiz master to quip that the engineers understood how 35000 was very valuable in these market conditions. The chief guest Mr Ashwani Anand, GM, Vivanta Guwahati, advised the youngsters to keep the student in them alive till the last day of their life, and to be learners for a lifetime.