Campus Quiz Results - Hyderabad – ISB conquer Hyderabad

Hyderabad – ISB conquer Hyderabad

Champions, ISB - Abhishek Nag & Vivek Sekar

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Hyderabad – ISB conquer Hyderabad

Runner Up, VNRVJIET - Joice John & Shankar

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A sunday morning does not sound ideal for a quiz. Add to that a world cup match featuring India on the day and one would believe the turnout would be thin. The enthusiasm and passion for Tata Crucible at Hyderabad contradicted that view as 350 odd youngsters packed the venue to pitch their shots against the bouncers and yorkers of Pickbrain.

The finalists after the prelim were

  • ISB : Abhishek Nag & Vivek Sekar
  • IPE: Ruchir & Harish Kumar
  • ISB : Goutham & Bharat
  • VNRVJIET : Joice John & Shankar
  • NALSAR : Abdaal& Varun
  • IPE : Naveen& Zuhair Ali

The ‘match’ started with a very interesting and aggressive intent from IPE (Ruchir and Harish) and ISB (Goutham and Bharat) pushing for an early power play that fetched them super sixes while ISB (Abhishek and Vivek) played the passes well to score their runs.

At the end of the first two overs with all the teams off the block it seemed a battle among equals and prompted teams to quickly ponder beyond the answers on the tactic they would deploy. The buzzers gave Vivek and Abhishek and VNRVJIET an impetus and the other teams continued to play aggressive and the overs moved on.

IPE with Ruchir and Harish were scoring well but a couple of negatives set them back and forced them to push the pace against the ISB duo who were now consolidating their lead. The next couple of overs saw teams going for the big hits and the equation was tilting with each delivery. Vivek and Abhishek however showed great maturity and chose to play with caution and held on to their lead ensuring they won the quiz while VNR inched past the rest to finish runner up.


  • WINNER : ISB – Abhishek Nag & Vivek Sekar
  • RUNNER UP :VNRVJIET – Joice John & Shankar