Campus Quiz Results - Guwahati – NIT Silchar wins Guwahati thriller

Guwahati – NIT Silchar wins Guwahati thriller


NIT Silchar - Dipankar and Aveek Kumar

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Guwahati – NIT Silchar wins Guwahati thriller

Runner Up

Guwahati University - Kumar Shivam and Jyotish

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A morning shower at Guwahati brought the green top back to the cityscape without affecting the turnout, nor did it help bring the temper at the quiz down. High levels of competitiveness marked the prelim. The top 6 who made it were:


  • IIT Guwahati: Prateek and Aditya Prabhu
  • Guwahati University: Kumar Shivam and Jyotish
  • NIT Silchar: Dipankar and Aveek Kumar
  • IIT Guwahati: YashPote and Dudul Das
  • Assam Engineering College: Hirok Nayak and Anirban Paul
  • IIT Guwahati: Arun Dhillon and Saumya Ahlawat

The final started with most teams looking good but as the quiz moved swiftly from one over to the other, it became a battle between the teams from NIT Silchar and Assam Engineering College. They exchanged lead positions with almost every alternate question, making the quiz quite absorbing.

A few brave chances towards the end took the NIT duo ahead and on the final question with no option but to give it a go, the Guwahati University team took the plunge but could not crack the poser. NIT marched into the next round while Guwahati University had to settle for the runner up title.

Prof. Gautam Biswas, Director – IIT(G), spoke on how the talent base in India has increased substantially and that there is actually hardly any difference between students of different institutes unlike the past decades, which is wonderful for India.