Campus Quiz Results - Guwahati – Guwahati Medical College clinch title

Guwahati – Guwahati Medical College clinch title


Guwahati Medical College - Bibhuti H and Rupankar N

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Guwahati – Guwahati Medical College clinch title

Runner Up

Guwahati University - Biswaji Sarma and Bijit Das

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The sprawling IIT campus played host to the city edition of the quiz. Ms. Rashmi Furtado belted out a quick fire 20 question prelim which led to the finalists.


  • IIT (G) :Soupal Das and Arun Dhillon
  • Tezpur University :Biswajit Saha and Debasish
  • Guwahati University :Biswaji Sarma and Bijit Das
  • Guwahati Medical College :Bibhuti H and Rupankar N
  • IIT (G) :Syed Masoom and Piyush
  • Tezpur University :Siddhartha and Kumar Abhijit Singh

The final had all teams playing the game brilliantly and answering some truly tough posers with relative ease reflecting how well the teams were prepared. It was a battle that moved swiftly and soon enough there were only a few questions left and all the teams had a fair chance to win.

As the final questions unfolded it became a three-way battle between Guwahati Univ., Guwahati Medical College and Tezpur Univ. The aspiring doctors inched ahead of the rest and held on to their lead to win their first ever zonal title. In a tie that followed Guwahati University finished runner up.

The guest of honour Prof. Srinivasan, Dean Faculty, IIT-Guwahati congratulated the teams and gave away the prizes.