Campus Quiz Results - Gutsy IPE clinch Hyderabad

Gutsy IPE clinch Hyderabad


IPE Sanjay C and Chaitanya M

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Gutsy IPE clinch Hyderabad


Osmania Medical College Syed Mustafa and Syed Md Hashmi

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Over 1000 students and a packed auditorium welcome the quizmasters to the Hyderabad edition of Tata Crucible. The air was filled with excitement and anticipation even before a single question was asked. Quiz host Ms. Rashmi Furtado dished out a fairly difficult prelim for the city knowing the high standards they set. The teams that progressed to the subsequent rounds were:

Wild Card

  • CMRIT :Akash and Yashwanth
  • BITS HYD :Maneesh R and Abhay J
  • NIT (W) :Adarsh and Aakash
  • IPE :Hemandra and Chaitanya
  • CMRIT :Rohit G and Praneet R
  • Osmania Univ :Manzoor Ahmed and Muneer Ali


  • NIT (W) :Pratam T and Aabhas D
  • Osmania Medical College :Syed Mustafa and Syed Md Hashmi
  • BITS Pilani :Siddharth and Manav T
  • IPE :Sanjay C and Chaitanya M
  • NIT (W) :Adarsh and Aakash
  • CMRIT :Akash and Yashwanth

The final begins with noted quizmaster Pickbrain in command. He set a brisk pace for the final putting the pressure on the teams. Osmania Medical College and NIT Warangal did well to score in the early rounds of the quiz. It was in the middle stages of the quiz that IPE Hyderabad, which seemed down and out on minus 100 slowly started clawing their way back.

With IPE doing well, Osmania Medical College tried to play safe and guard their lead. With every answer that IPE got right, the pressure mounted, and the quiz eventually ended in a tie breaker between the aspiring doctors and the management students.

Osmania Medical College took the risk and went for the buzzer on the tie breaker only to get it wrong and IPE won a memorable final simply because they were gritty and refused to give up.

The chief guest Mr. Vishal Sanghvi COO of Tata Boeing Aerospace appreciated the teams and the quiz and urged them to never be scared of what they don’t know. He spoke of how the Tatas, had no great knowledge of aerospace and in a matter of time have become leaders in that industry simply because they had the courage to venture and willingness to learn.