Campus Quiz Results - Goa – NIT sweep Goa

Goa – NIT sweep Goa


NIT Goa - Harsh Hegde and Sahil P

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Goa – NIT sweep Goa

Runner Up

NIT Goa - Tejan Karmali and Manu Bhat

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A quiet Saturday afternoon on the sprawling BITS campus at Goa, came alive with the city edition of Tata Crucible. A quick prelim of 20 questions and we were underway to the finale with the following teams up on stage.


  • Goa Inst. Of Mgmt. :Dinraj Pai and Durga Kumar
  • NIT Goa :Tejan Karmali and Manu Bhat
  • BITS Goa :Roshan D and Lucky Kaul
  • Goa Medical College :Chinmay Naik and Mohnish.S
  • NIT Goa :Harsh Hegde and Sahil P
  • BITS Goa :Nikhil K and Tanay J

The final witnessed the teams from NIT Goa with Tejan and Manu getting off to a quick start and playing well, while the BITS teams caught on quickly. As the quiz progressed at a brisk pace, the other NIT team also entered the fray and it seemed like a marathon with almost all teams running in a huddle.

As questions came in at a brisk pace, it was the NIT teams that moved ahead of the rest and in the final frontier the duo of Harsh and Sahil took their chances to get past their college mates and clinch the title for their college, second year running.

Goa has been a traditional battle between the medical college students, BITS and GIM, so it sure raises the bar with NIT winning back to back for two years and this time taking both the top spots.

Prof. Raghurama, Director, BITS Pilani, Goa, spoke on the importance of having the right values akin to the Tata’s to be able to stand up to the challenges of the world.