Campus Quiz Results - Goa – GMC Doctors win Goa

If records are meant to be created and witnessed one should have been present at the Goa edition of Tata Crucible. While Goa Medical College became the first ever doctors in the making to qualify to the national final of the prestigious quiz, the event also witnessed the first ever ‘Bowl Out’ in a 2020 quiz. If that was not record enough adding flavour to an afternoon of sheer wit and wisdom were a team that missed an exam to be here and well there were also the “first ever honeymoon couple at a quiz” who took time off the beaches of Goa to attend Tata Crucible as part of the audience underlining the growing popularity of this mind game.

After the initial prelim for the 64 teams and wild card round the six finalists were:

The finalists were:

  • Goa Medical College – Adish Talwadker and Anant Lawande
  • BITS Pilani Goa Campus – Joshan Abraham and Sunil Thomas
  • Goa Institute of Management – Nitiksh Srivastava and Pooja Kamath
  • BITS Pilani Goa Campus – Anand Shankar and Ajay Parasuraman
  • Goa Institute of Management – Amey Mardolkar and Pratyush Srivastava
  • MATS Belgaum – Pankaj Naidu and Madhur Shah