Campus Quiz Results - Delhi – IMT Ghaziabad wins Delhi

Delhi – IMT Ghaziabad wins Delhi

Champions, IMT Ghaziabad Satyanarayana & Sriharsha

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Delhi – IMT Ghaziabad wins Delhi

Runner Up, IMT Ghaziabad Alekhya & Karanjot

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On a quite Sunday afternoon, Delhi turned out in huge numbers for the campus edition of Tata Crucible underlining the growing popularity of business quizzing in Delhi. With over 250 teams battling for the slot in the top 16 the tension was palpable with each prelim question hurled by Pickbrain and teams egging him not to give any clues.

The finalists were:

  • IMT Ghaziabad – Satyanarayana & Sriharsha
  • SSCBS – Sameer & Sarthak
  • IIFT Delhi – Abhijith & Raghavendra
  • FMS Delhi – Ahmad & Siddharth
  • IMT Ghaziabad – Alekhya & Karanjot
  • IIT Delhi (DOMS) – Ashish & Biraja Ashis

The final based on the 2020 format started in grand style with Satyanarayana and Sriharsha starting with a super six on a power play to quite literally set the tone for the Delhi battle. From here on with every single question the fortunes fluctuated for the teams on stage.

Midway into the quiz there was hardly anything to choose between the teams as all of them seemed neck and neck. It was truly wonderful to see a young Sameer and Sarthak (they are still in their second year graduation) play a very tactical game especially in the buzzers to build up a good score.

The final over had three teams with a clear chance of winning the game. However, a few negatives by a couple of them and the battle was now between three teams, two of whom were from IMT. In the end it was the two IMT teams that got through after a tough battle. The young duo of Sameer and Sarthak did very well to finish third.


  • WINNER: IMT Ghaziabad – Satyanarayana & Sriharsha
  • RUNNER UP:IMT Ghaziabad – Alekhya & Karanjot