Campus Quiz Results - Delhi – Delhi School of Economics win Delhi

The national capital of the country geared up for the big sunday battle of Tata Crucible. With several teams trooping it the prelim was bound to be a tough affair as quizmaster Pickbrain went about his task hosting the prelim in clinical fashion. The finalist who made it were:


  • IIFT: Sumanth P and Ayush Gupta
  • Great Lakes: Nameesh Sharma and Tony Lobo
  • NSIT: Sarthak K and Shashank Singh
  • FMS:MS Kiran and Karthik
  • Delhi School of Economics: Om Prakash and Manu Abbi
  • Satyavati College: Vivek Sagar and Sagar Bagmar

The final was a very nervous and tentative battle as none of the teams got off the block quickly. The quiz moved from one round to another and teams carried the nervousness along.

The buzzers also did not help change the situation as teams were huddled together answering and missing out collectively with Delhi School, NSIT and Satyavati College all on more or less the same scores.

It was on final question that Delhi School clinched the quiz while NSIT emerged runner up on a tie breaker with Satyavati College.


  • WINNER : Delhi School of Economics – Om Prakash and Manu Abbi
  • RUNNER UP : NSIT – Sarthak K and Shashank Singh