Campus Quiz Results - Jaipur – BITS Pilani takes Jaipur

Jaipur – BITS Pilani takes Jaipur


Sakansh Mittal and Devesh Vashishtha

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Jaipur – BITS Pilani takes Jaipur


Dheeraj and Dikshant

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Quizzing is big in Jaipur. It always has been especially with campuses especially when it comes to Tata Crucible. Close to 800 people were part of the quiz this time around. With loads of excitement in the air, quizmaster Pickbrain was at his best with his questions and wit. The finalists who qualified were:

  • LNMIIT :Deepjyoti Kalita and Ankit Anand
  • BITS Pilani :Sakansh Mittal and Devesh Vashishtha
  • Manipal University Jaipur :Anil Kumar and Ritwick Bhattacharya
  • Jaipuria Inst. Of Mgmt. :Ms. Mishita Singhal and Shreyans Mehta
  • LNMIIT :Dheeraj and Dikshant
  • BITS Pilani :Aditya and Nishchay

The final saw a high pitched battle between four teams, two each from BITS and LNMIIT. As the quiz progressed into the middle stages, it was BITS Pilani with Sakansh and Devesh who took control and went into the lead. The others tried their bit to catch up but the BITS duo, were flawless, winning the quiz without a single negative.

The second-place battle though was interesting with the other BITS team and the LNMIIT teams all scoring in similar fashion. It all finally came down to the last couple of questions where LNMIIT represented by Dheeraj and Dikshant managed to inch past BITS Pilani (Aditya and Nischay) to win the runner up title.

Dr. Rahul Banerjee, Director, LNMIIT advised to the students to keep acquiring knowledge and also understand your competition as you go about striving to succeed.