Campus Quiz Results - Goa – BITS Goa wins cliffhanger

Goa – BITS Goa wins cliffhanger

WINNER : BITS Goa Campus

Varun & Anand

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Goa – BITS Goa wins cliffhanger

RUNNER UP : Goa Medical College

Adish Talwadker & Anant Lawande

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You certainly don’t need to teach Goa how to have fun. The Crucible edition here was a roller coaster ride of thrills, remarkable levels of intellect and large doses of humour that kept the entire audience glued to their seats.

The prelim led to six teams battling in the ‘Super Over’ and it was dramatic as BITS with Varun and Anand took two negatives and then came back to qualify for the final along with GIM.

The six teams in the final were :

  • Belgaum Inst of Mgmt : Pankaj & Shoaib Syed
  • Goa Medical College : Adish Talwadker & Anant Lawande
  • BITS Goa Campus : Varun & Anand
  • Goa Inst. Of Mgmt : Jaspreet Singh & Puneet
  • BITS Goa Campus : Ajay & Sunil Thomas
  • Goa Inst. Of Mgmt : Servesh & Samved

The final began with all teams scoring quickly and as the match moved into the pinch hitting phase with the buzzers the tension began to unfold as teams battled with great intensity and tactic to get ahead of each other.

The final overs proved to be decisive as GIM and Belgaum Institute of Mgmt tried to forge ahead but took negatives as Ajay and Sunil from BITS made a superb come back to be just a couple of runs behind Goa Medical College and the duo from BITS – Varun and Anand.

The final ball decided the fate of the match as Varun and Anand got the better of the aspiring doctors to not just win but do so in dramatic fashion from being down at minus two barely an hour before they wore the crown.

This would easily be the best final so far at Goa with a tribe of quizzers steadily growing in number with each passing year observed a corporate quizzer at the venue to aptly summarize an afternoon of learning the fun way!