Campus Quiz Results - Goa – BITS double at Goa

“This is a city I come to as a break during my Crucible journeys. But I am not quite used to starting a season here”, quipped quizmaster Pickbrain as he kicked off the 2016 edition of the quiz. He kept the quiz alive with his witty comments and one liners that had the audience glued to their seats.

The quiz this year featured several teams that took part for the first time reflecting on the growing interest and popularity of the quiz. The prelim was a trifle easier than the past years’, perhaps factoring the new teams in the fray. The six teams that made it to the final were:


  • NIT Goa: Sahil HR and Tejan K
  • BITS Pilani Goa: Lucky K and Roshan D
  • Goa Inst. Of Management: Ashish Bansal and Anirudh S
  • Goa Inst. Of Management: Arpit M and Ms. Palak D
  • Goa Engineering College: Tanmay N and Akash K
  • BITS Pilani Goa: Ms. Meghana and Ashwin K

The final was interesting as teams braced for a new format based on T20, which was truly refreshing and fast paced. The teams in the final lived up to the expectations of the quizmaster as they produced amazing answers to seemingly difficult posers.

While the team of Lucky and Roshan dominated the early part of the quiz, the later stages saw the team from GIM do well but were unable to sustain the momentum through the quiz. As the pressure started to build they were forced to take chances and the negatives that resulted knocked them back.

In the meantime, the duo of Meghana and Ashwin from BITS started answering at a greater frequency and with increased confidence. A few good overs and a game can change in a T20 format, which is something we have often heard. It was so true at Goa as this team turned the tables on all the others and marched into the zonals.

The guest of honour, Prof. Neeraj Amarnani, PGDM Chairperson, Goa Institute of Management, made an interesting observation that in the modern era “trivia is no longer trivial” and urged students to learn more at such out-of-the-classroom forums.


WINNER : BITS Pilani, Goa – Ms. Meghana and Ashwin K
RUNNER UP : BITS Pilani, Goa – Lucky K and Roshan D