Campus Quiz Results - Bhubaneswar – KIIT’s stunning win at Odisha

Bhubaneswar – KIIT’s stunning win at Odisha


KIIT - Alankar Devta and Praneet Shekar

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Bhubaneswar – KIIT’s stunning win at Odisha

Runner Up

IGIT - Pabitra Nayak and Siddharth Rout

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The Odisha game of the 2019 campus edition of Tata Crucible was held at Bhubaneswar. The match had over 350 people playing the prelim. Hosted by Ms. Rashmi Furtado, the prelim was well balanced, and she was helpful with her clues helping teams to score. The top teams that made it was:

Super Over

  • AIIMS :Sameer Sekhar and Adarsh Kumar
  • CET :Swatik and Sumanta Panda
  • XIMB :Ravi Ranjan and Sonal Gaurav
  • XIMB :Rounak Singh and Aman Der Singh
  • XIMB :Rounak and Simrandeep
  • XIMB : Vaishali and Swaraj


  • XIMB :Uddata Ganguly and Aritra Mitra
  • CET :Ms. Ronisha Das and Mukti Swaroop Pradhan
  • KIIT :Alankar Devta and Praneet Shekar
  • IGIT :Pabitra Nayak and Siddharth Rout
  • AIIMS :Sameer Sekhar and Adarsh Kumar
  • CET :Swatik and Sumanta Panda

The super over saw CET and AIIMS make it to the finale. In the final, quizmaster Pickbrain took charge and set the pace for the final. It saw the IGIT team get off to a quick start while all the others played safe and hedged at low scores even as they got their answers right. That did not help the cause of the teams as IGIT kept playing at higher values and were increasing their lead.

As the quiz progressed only the team from CET with Ronisha and Mukti looked like challenging IGIT with some very good hits but did not sustain the momentum. In the meantime, KIIT blazed into the quiz with big sixes and kept taking chances, gaining with every six. They kept the tempo and got into the lead but IGIT was a tough team that would not give in easily.

In an outstanding final over that followed, KIIT won by one run in what would be the most stunning win of the season so far. The guest of honour, Father Paul Fernandes, Vice Chancellor, Xavier University, appreciated the quiz and advised the students present that the entire world is a classroom to learn from and one should look at learning and improving at every stage.