Campus Quiz Results - Bangalore – IIM-B takes Blore honours

Bangalore – IIM-B takes Blore honours

Champions, IIMB - Nishanth K and Kalaiselvam

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Bangalore – IIM-B takes Blore honours

Runner Up, RVCE - Varun Athreya and Arun Kumar

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“Bangalore lives up to its reputation” thundered Pickbrain as he summarized the city final which witnessed close to 200 teams battle through a very crafty prelim that had a fair sprinkling of questions from Bangalore and its surroundings.

The finalists were:

  • Christ School of Law :Vinay & Anurag C
  • IIMB: Nishanth K & Kalaiselvam
  • St.Joseph’s Col of Business Admin: Vivek & Daksha
  • RVCE: Varun Athreya & Arun Kumar
  • BMSCE: Hemadri & Akshath
  • Christ University: Sambhav B & Tejas P

The final started with RVCE taking the initial advantage and moving into a lead with impressive answers. BMSCE and a young undergrad team from Christ University also made gains. The visual questions provided the IIM team with opportunities to strike and they truly produced some impressive answers to draw level with RVCE.

The early buzzer rounds had a few teams taking risks and lose ground. The round on lateral thinking saw IIMB move ahead of the rest as BMSCE gave a stunning answer impressing the entire audience. RVCE were stuck on the early score and unable to move ahead as the final round came into play.

Christ Law School struck early blows to set the stage alive with the possibility of a late surge but team IIM took no chances and sealed the quiz with a confident answer. RVCE wresting largely on the early gains and not doing anything silly to ensure they won the runner up title.

The guest of honour Mr.Subramanya the CEO of Tata BP Solar urged the youngsters to embark on a “Great future that India will present but never comprise your values to create more wealth and finally never forget to contribute to the nation” he said.


  • WINNER : IIMB – Nishanth K and Kalaiselvam
  • RUNNER UP : RVCE – Varun Athreya and Arun Kumar