Campus Quiz Results - Anand – GCET dominate Anand

Anand – GCET dominate Anand


GCET, Anand - Digant B. and Dehit Garaga

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Anand – GCET dominate Anand

Runner Up

University of Baroda - Jay Rana and Shashank

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The inspirational city of Anand was playing host to a Tata Crucible for the first time. The anticipation and expectation was visible as teams turned up at the venue hours before the event. Pickbrain walked in to a thunderous applause and was instantly at his best, dishing out interesting questions laced with his trademark one liners. The following six made it to the first ever Anand final.


  • IRMA :Abhishek and Ms. Sharda
  • University of Baroda:Jay Rana and Shashank
  • GCET, Anand :Digant B. and Dehit Garaga
  • SEMCOM :Aman S and Rahul R
  • IRMA :Kumar Keshav and Dilip
  • SVNIT :Sai Kartik and Abhijeet Singh

The final saw the team from GCET get off to a flying start with smart answers. The duo from the University of Baroda also kept scoring at a good pace though they were never able to catch up with GCET. In their intent to accelerate the University of Baroda team lost some ground. Capitalising on this, the SVNIT duo went ahead.

In the mean-time the GCET team kept moving from strength to strength winning by a huge margin. The second place seemed to be going the SVNIT way but a last question come back by University of Baroda ensured they clinched the runner up title.

The guest of honour, Mr. Nanda Kumar (IAS), Chairman IRMA appreciated the teams and urged them dream big. He was joined on stage by Dr. Natarajan Director, IRMA who rightly observed that for a first time the quality of the answers from all teams was quite high.