Campus Zone Results - Kolkata – NIT’s rule the ‘zone of death’

Kolkata – NIT’s rule the ‘zone of death’

WINNER : NIT Jamshedpur

Palak Kumar and Sudeep Saurabh

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Kolkata – NIT’s rule the ‘zone of death’


Dipankar and Tushar Jain

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The fourth zonal final of the season in what has been dubbed by quizzers as the ‘zone of death’ was a thriller, living up to the sobriquet attributed to the zone. All the eight teams looked on even terms as the quiz moved at a very brisk pace.


  • Chanakya National Law Univ. Patna :Raj Vardhan and Ms. Riya Chouksey
  • XIMB Bhubaneswar :Rohit Mohanty and Amit Mohanty
  • NIT Jamshedpur :Palak Kumar and Sudeep Saurabh
  • NIT Silchar :Dipankar and Tushar Jain
  • NIT Rourkela :Nishant and Wasim
  • IIT Kanpur :Aditya Yadav and Anshul Roy
  • ICAI Kolkata :Rishab Jain and Shubham Agarwal
  • Guwahati University :Kumar Shivam and Jyotish Kalita

The duo from NIT Jamshedpur looked evidently better prepared than the others, as the quiz progressed, given their reaction time and speed at which they answered. The other teams re-grouped and fought a battle for the second place, some choosing aggression and others caution.

The duo from NIT Silchar which had won at Shillong, a new location introduced by the Tata’s this year, played well to get to the runner-up title. The NIT Rourkela, IIT Kanpur and ICAI teams fought brilliantly but could not get ahead of these teams.

The guest of honour, Mr. Vinaya Verma, CEO mjunction, appreciated the format that helped teams “work things out” and underlined the importance of knowing how to work things out in life as well.